Electromobility and alternative fuels

The deployment of clean and alternative fuels is paramount for the reduction of the negative impacts of transport. Clean and alternative fuels such as biofuels, hydrogen, natural gas and electricity can help reduce the emission of air pollutants, such as CO2 and NOX, greenhouse gases as well as noise pollution. Cities and regions can play a crucial role in the introduction of alternative fuels through their procurement activities, by granting clean vehicles access in a city or via promotional activities.

Polis Working Group on Clean Vehicles and Air Quality

Polis supports the efforts of its members who are committed to the promotion of alternative fuels and the deployment of electric vehicles. POLIS members share best practices and on alternatively-fuelled and electric vehicles within the Working Group on Clean Vehicles and Air Quality. The working group is currently chaired by the City of Rotterdam and meets two to three times every year.

Polis engagement in European initiatives

POLIS is an active member of the Platform for Electro-mobility, a European-wide forum for the promotion of electric mobility to key decision makers in the EU institutions and Members States. Polis has been and is involved in several EU-funded projects dealing with the development of electric mobility for different sectors including urban freight, public transport or individual mobility and the related infrastructure.


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