01/07/2021 Online

Electromobility: a green boost for European automotive jobs?

On July 1st, the Platform for electromobility and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) will present beforehand the result of their recent study on the impact of the shift towards electromobility for the European jobs in the industry.


As the automotive sector is facing the largest technological transition it has ever known, the automotive industry and its direct supplier represent today more than 6 million European jobs and over 18 million cars. By 2030, at least 30 millions of them will be operating without traditional fuels on European roads.

This ambition by the European Union will lead to an unprecedented shift for the automotive industry which has to transform their production from combustions cars to electric vehicles, as well as a high impact on charging infrastructure needs. When Europe will turn to electromobility, what is the impact on the affected jobs within these sectors?

The global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Platform for Electromobility, which unites 40+ organisations from across civil society, industries, cities and across all transport modes, will present the finding of their recent study on July 1st. This is the opportunity to be present beforehand the result and findings of their recent study on the impact of the shift towards electromobility for the European jobs in the industry.

The study covers affected industries from OEM to Tier’s and infrastructure at a European level. The study shows a major shift within the industry. Countries and regions that will be best prepared to capitalize on emerging opportunities by embracing the shift -invest in the new technologies, create a favorable policy environment, invest in re-skilling workers, will have a much higher chance to do so. Those who hold on to the past will be left with an obsolete industry, decreased demand, and face serious unemployment challenges.



  • Welcome Address, Arne Richters, Chair of the Platform for Electromobility
  • Presentation of the results of the Study and reaction from the European Commission
    • Daniel Kuepper & Kristian Kuhlmann, BCG
    • Frank Siebern-Thomas, Acting Head of the Unit “Fair,Green, and Digital Transitions” DG EMPL
  • Panel discussion: Capitalize on emerging opportunities
    • Marie-France Van der Valk, Renault
    • Julie Beaufils, EuropeOn
    • Alex Keynes, T&E
    • Benjamin Denis, IndustriALL Europ
  • Closing Remarks, Nicolás Gonzales-Casares, MEP (S&D)

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