12/10/2023 Online

SCALE Webinar: Charging Ahead - Consumer Preferences, Incentives, and Motivations in Smart and V2X Charging

A webinar series on smart charging and V2X is underway!

The EU Horizon Europe project SCALE, which explores and tests smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, has launched early July a short and interactive webinar series.

These webinars are an invitation to slow down, discuss and learn from each other. Each webinar will be a maximum of an hour and will consist of short presentations and lively discussions. They are designed for everybody working or interested in the e-mobility sector, from data analysts, and policymakers, to researchers and professionals in the industry. The goal of the series is to discuss the key findings of the project and the e-mobility sector's hottest topics.

A handful of key learning points from the first two webinars

The first webinar, on July 6, looked into "the smart charging ecosystem: who is who? What are their drivers and barriers?". For an overview of the main points of discussions, read SCALE's article.

The second, on September 8, focused on "A tale of two cities: How are public authorities steering public (smart) charging". It included three short presentations from changemakers from the City of Stockholm, the City of Utrecht, and Barcelona on their perspective, needs, challenges, successes and strategies of public authorities in deploying public (smart) charging. The main findings will be published on the SCALE website soon.

A third webinar on consumer behaviours and perspectives

The third webinar brings together two POLIS projects focused on stimulating EV adoption by users and unlocking the potential for e-mobility - SCALE and eCharge4Drivers. Assessing EV users, their needs, acceptance, and behaviour to understand drivers and barriers related to V2X consumer adoptions is essential. Both projects looked at different consumer segments and experiences in charging, smart charging and V2X. The goal of this webinar is to share key findings from both projects.

  • 12 October, Thursday- 11:00 to 12:00 CET
  • This webinar will include two short presentations and a panel:
    Ellen Hiep will present SCALE's work on consumer behaviour research which includes the assessment of EV users, their needs, acceptance, and behaviour about V2X adoption throughout Europe.
    Evangelos Karfopoulos will provide insights on the project's outcomes on a priori users’ concerns, expectations, and perceptions on charging (including smart charging). He coordinates the eCharge4Drivers project which aims to improve the user experience of EV users.
  • Moderator: Edwin Bestebreurtje - Partner at FIER

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