Join the SOLUTIONSplus e-course on the Electrification of buses and integration in cities’ public transport systems and our kick-off webinar!

Many cities around the world, different in size and geography, are deploying in increasing numbers e-buses for urban operations, driven by a shift in transport policy toward environmental concerns and lower technological risk, thanks to rapid advances in vehicles, infrastructure and battery technology. This e-learning programme is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the electric solutions for urban bus networks: from the technology options available and the current deployment of e-buses worldwide to the procurement, implementation and operation of the system. The SOLUTIONSplus partners, experts and public transport professionals will provide an international perspective on electric buses and their integration in cities’ public transport systems as well as their experience on successful electric bus project implementations.  

The 2nd e-course of the global e-learning programme will focus on the Electrification of buses and integration in cities’ public transport systems and run from the 17th of March to the 10th of June.  

It will provide a crash course for organisations from the public sector on the electrification of buses and integration in cities’ public transport systems. The SOLUTIONSplus partners will bring in-house expertise to introduce participants to the general topic of electric bus systems, e-buses charging approaches, a global overview of best practices on electric buses, planning procurement and commissioning of electric buses and e-bus operations.  

You can register for the e-course here.  The instructions to register are as follows:  

  1. First, create a user in Mobility Academy,
  2. Enrol yourself without any enrolment key
  3. Students who attended e-course 1, are automatically enrolled in e-course 2 

You are invited to join the Kick-Off webinar on the 17th of March from 14:00 – 15:00 (CET) to get a more detailed overview of the learning programme, get acquainted with project partners, and discover the functionalities of the e-learning platform. Register for the webinar here.  The e-course is organised within the scope of SOLUTIONSPlus.