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You read it right: ESCALATE has now a newsletter, and you are more than welcome to subscribe. What for, you wonder? To find out more about the project, its pilots, relevant updates, and of course, its plans to decarbonise heavy-duty vehicles!

ESCALATE just released its very first newsletter. After eight months, this project is introducing its own newsletter with the goal of sharing its latest updates, relevant events, and, above all, showcasing its plans to sustainably decarbonise heavy-duty vehicles.

ESCALATE in a nutshell

This Horizon Europe project focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of the freight industry by testing powertrains of zero-emission Heavy Duty Vehicles in real-world long-haul scenarios. In order to do so, it aims to test zHDV powertrains in long-haul real-world testing environments over the span of four years.

To contribute to achieving these ambitious goals, the ESCALATE project aims to demonstrate high-efficiency powertrains for long-haul applications that will provide a range of 800 km without refuelling/recharging and cover at least 500 km average daily operation in real conditions. The project is built on novel concepts around three main innovation areas:  

  1. Standardized well-designed, cost-effective modular and scalable multi-powertrain components
  2. Fast Fueling and Grid-friendly charging solutions
  3. Digital Twin & AI-based management tools considering capacity, availability, speed, and nature of the charging infrastructures as well as the fleet structures


New newsletter on sight!

To showcase its efforts to a wider audience, ESCALATE just sent its first newsletter. Its focus? Introducing the project! It offered an in-depth look at topics like:

  • Project kick-off meeting in Aachen
  • ESCALATE's most innovative aspects
  • Upcoming relevant events
  • And much more!

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