28/09/2021 Online

CleanMobilEnergy Digital Seminar Series: An Introduction to CME

The first event in the CleanMobilEnergy Digital Seminar series shall provide a general overview of the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) CleanMobilEnergy project, through which an interoperable Energy Management System (iEMS) is being developed and implemented to optimise energy production and usage, thus dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

The draft agenda can be found below:


  1. 5 min.
    Opening: Introduction of CME and explanation of the purpose of the upcoming series of events
  2. 25 min.
    General overview of the project + iEMS
  1. 25 min.
    Q & A – reference to future events in the series (i.e. deep dive on iEMS, deep dive for City Pilots lessons learnt)
  1. 5 min.


The goal of this communication strategy is to maximise the visibility of our dissemination webinar series, promoting the event to maximise attendance of relevant stakeholders, such as municipalities and policy makers at the local/regional level. Future events in the CME Digital Seminar Series will cover topics such as long-term mobility solutions and policy recommendations, as well as 'deep dives' into the CME City Pilots, comparing implementation and exposing important lessons learned (i.e. What barriers they come across? What were the drivers? What are the technical lessons learned through the implementation of City Pilots?).

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