New rules for eScooters in Paris

The new rules in Paris comprise:

1. the parking of eScooters in pedestrian areas will be formally prohibited. Instead, eScooters will be required to park in areas for cars and motorbikes.

2. the speed should not exceed 8km/h in pedestrian zones and 20km/h elsewhere.

3. operators are invited to freeze, even reduce, the number of eScooters in operation.

4. the city and the police will work together to build up a better picture of the safety implications of eScooters.

5. eScooter users will be invited to wear helmets.

Ultimately the city of Paris plans to reduce the number of eScooters companies to three and these will be selected following a tender and upon adoption of a number of social and environmental criteria.

To download the city of Paris press release in FR, click here.