28/11/2022 - 29/11/2022 Leuven - Brussels

eHUBS International Academy 2022

As part of the eHUBS project extension, this year’s eHUBS International Academy will bring together the most experienced European cities and regions in implementing mobility hubs to a 2-day master class.

This year’s course will be focused on helping cities and regions improve their existing mobility hub strategies through knowledge exchange activities and advanced academic training. On top of this already challenging and exciting menu, the academy will be held back to back with the POLIS Conference 2022. 

Do you work for a local or regional authority with an existing mobility hub strategy?
Would you like to learn more about how to improve your existing mobility hub network for shared and electric mobility?

At the eHUBS International Academy in Leuven - Brussels, Belgium, which will take place between 28 and 29 November, you can learn first-hand from several experts and practitioners of the eHUBS project how to take your mobility hub strategy to the next level! For instance, how to increase, consolidate and regulate the up-take of electric shared mobility.

What to expect?

The 2-day seminar organized by eHUBS' project partners Autodelen.netMpact, Mobipunt vzw and POLIS will focus on three main aspects. It will:

  • dive deep into planning guidelines in order to create social and climate robust mobility hubs of the future;
  • focus on (new) business models for shared mobility and in what way cities and eHUBS can contribute to this;
  • tackle (digital) regulation of shared mobility.

The event will include a site visit at several eHUBS locations in Leuven as well as a workshop on digital regulation of shared mobility

Check our draft program here.

Further information

In order to maximise a fruitful exchange, the number of external participants will be limited to 15 people and there will be an application form. Additional applicants will be added to a waiting list. The event will be held in English.

Some financial resources are available to cover the travel and accomodation costs of POLIS members.

Hesitating whether to apply or not? Check last year's eHUBS academy report here and catch a glimpse of what our eHUBS academies look like!  

If you would like to apply to the event, please sign up at this link. The deadline to apply is 23 September.

For more information, please contact  Daniel Herrera (dherrera@polisnetwork.eu), Dzvenyslava Tyslyukevych (DTyslyukevych@polisnetwork.eu) POLIS or Bram Seeuws (bram@autodelen.net) Autodelen.net.