TfL to add e-bikes to shared cycle scheme

Transport for London (TfL) bike hire scheme will now cost the same as a London bus fare to use, with e-bikes now added, too.

For £1.65, Londoners and tourists may ride the buses and trams for 60 minutes in the City, but starting on 12 September 2022, they will be also able to rent a bike for 30 minutes through Transport for London (TfL), which will have 500 newly available e-bikes.

Seven more docking stations will open in the Southwark neighbourhood (at Burgess Park (Albany Road), South Bermondsey station, Clements Road, Harris Academy, Brandon Street, Crimscott Street, and The Blue) in addition to price adjustments and the addition of e-bikes.

To facilitate the shift, the bike rental scheme will be unavailable from 10pm on Friday, 9 September to 6am on Monday, 12 September.

Investing on clean, active mobility

As walking has remained quite strong (especially in relation to the pandemic), TfL aims at making the most of otheractive alternatives: cycling has indeed become more popular than before the pandemic!

With more than 1.3 million bike rentals, July 2022 was the busiest month ever for the TfL Santander Cycles bike rental programme, which means that its extension is certain to be well-received. Indeed, since last September, each of the 11 months has surpassed the prior month's record high, demonstrating steady increase.

The new scheme

The new pricing scheme prescribes:

  • A new flat rate of £1.65 per 30-minute ride, with the existing daily access fee to be eliminated;
  • A new and flexible monthly membership option for £20 per month, which will allow customers to take unlimited 60-minute rides per month;
  • An annual membership including unlimited 60-minute rides, which is double the current time limit, to be provided with and increased fee of £120, reflecting increased operating costs and inflation since the last change in 2013;
  • An kick-off booking available only to registered users for £3.30 per 30-minute ride or £1 per 60-minute ride for monthly and annual members.