POLIS launches SURF, a new project on Sustainable URban Freight


POLIS launches a new project, SURF (Sustainable URban Freight), that will guide city planners, business leaders and other freight decision-makers to develop a vision and strategy pathway for sustainable urban freight.

The project is a collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDF Europe), one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations that is working to turn environmental solutions into action. Taking place between April and December 2021, the project will particularly focus on the design and implementation of Zero-Emission Zones for freight (ZEZ-Fs), which can dramatically reduce carbon emissions and contribute to healthier cities.

The launch event will take place on 15 April from 14:00 to 15:00 CET. You can already register here. An agenda of the event will follow soon.

Building upon the How-to Guide on Zero-Emission Zones for Freight, a joint effort of POLIS, TDA and C40, the project develops and structures knowledge and awareness. SURF will also build practice and partnerships to launch innovative solutions and measures for the decarbonisation of the freight sector, with a focus on urban logistics.

Activities will consist of:

  • ZEZ awareness raising and capacity building: The project will develop a series of e-learning and peer-to-peer activities to develop, implement and operate ZEZ-F
  • Instant projects and studies: the project will select European cities to develop concrete and tailored instant projects and studies which will help them advance towards the adoption of a roadmap for ZEZ-Fs.
  • Scaling insights: through policy recommendations, the project will promote the opportunities for action and expected impacts of those actions towards cities, regions and logistics stakeholders.

More information will follow once you register for the launch event. If you have any questions, please contact Giacomo Lozzi: