03/11/2020 Online

Mobilising Mobility: Planning user-centric electromobility - the importance of user acceptance

When discussing the future of the e-mobility, charging infrastructure capacity is at the core.

To make a success of e-mobility, the charging infrastructure needs to be comfortable and easy to use, ensuring interoperability and price transparency for EV drivers. eCharge4Drivers and USER-CHI are two Horizon2020 projects focusing on user experience and aiming to increase the acceptance of EVs through charging experience. 

During this webinar, participants will focus on the discussion regarding actual user needs and how these can be addressed. The findings of a recent survey will be presented. 

This webinar was moderated by Lieselot Vanhaverbeke, VUB (TBC).

Featured speakers included:

  • Juan Gimenez Pla (Electromaps)
  • Javier Julve (Electromaps)


View the recording here

The webinar was a POLIS initiative in cooperation with the eCharge4Drivers project.

About eCharge4Drivers

eCharge4Drivers vision is to focus on the users and substantially improve the EV charging experience within cities and on long trips, making it better than refuelling an ICE vehicle. eCharge4Drivers will develop and demonstrate in 11 areas, including metropolitan areas and TEN T corridors. Various types of charging station will be used and will offer various direct payment methods and bigger user-friendly displays. The project will demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities, a mobile charging service, charge points at lamp posts, networks of battery swapping stations for LEVs and a transportable charging station service to cover temporary needs.