06/12/2022 - 07/12/2022 Arnhem, Netherlands

CleanMobilEnergy Final Conference

CleanMobilEnergy is hosting its final conference! Entitled 'Road to decarbonisation - clean, smart and secure solutions', the conference will reveal all on the REMove tool, as well as present the project's main achievements in the pilot cities of Nottingham, Stuttgart, Schwäbisch Gmünd, and Arnhem. The latter will also be shown in a site visit, where the REMove tool will be seen in action.

Interreg North-West Europe's CleanMobilEnergy (CME) project is organising its final conference in Arnhem, Netherlands, on 6 and 7 December 2022.

Named 'Road to decarbonisation - clean, smart and secure solutions', this event will be a unique opportunity to discover the REMove tool, an intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) developed under the CME project. REMove combines renewable energy, EV charging, battery storage, and flexible consumption with many devices. By matching local energy needs with local renewables through smart solutions, the REMove tool increases renewable energy's economic value and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. It also contributes to increased energy security and independence of European cities and regions, at a time when the cost of energy has been increasing to record levels throughout Europe.

The Final Conference will present the main achievements of the CleanMobilEnergy project in the four pilot sites of  ArnhemNottinghamStuttgart, and Schwäbisch Gmünd, with funding and support from Interreg North-West Europe. It will focus on showcasing practical experiences and learnings from the different pilot implementations, as well as stimulating discussion among local authorities and other key stakeholders. This includes ICT developers, system integrators, e-Mobility providers, renewable energy providers, and DSOs, to disseminate and upscale the use of iEMS tools like REMove.

Finally, this event will include a site visit to the Arnhem pilot, where the REMove tool supports the supply of local renewable energy to cruise ships in the maintenance harbour adjacent to the city’s industrial area through a cold ironing system.

  • Want to know more? Do not hesitate to write Pedro Gomes, Project manager and Coordinator of the Clean Vehicles & Air quality Working Group!
  • The agenda, as well as the registration form for the Final Conference, will be soon available on the project website.


More on the project

Across northwest Europe, cities are increasingly investing in renewable energy production and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. However, the control systems for energy generation, energy utilisation, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging work are currently separate from each other. This results in high people under white and gray concrete structures during daytime photography costs and carbon emissions due to energy inefficiencies. CleanMobilEnergy makes it possible for renewable energy sources to be used locally to charge electric vehicles with 100 % renewable energy.