Become an eHUBS Replication City!

Why become an eHUBS Replication City?

The eHUBS partner cities have come a long way in developing a successful concept for implementing a functioning network of shared e-mobility hubs. Along the process, the cities have understood how eHUBS can be instrumental to achieving its ambitious sustainable urban mobility goals such as CO2 emission reductions, and a modal shift from private cars to more sustainable ways of transportation.

To guarantee that the concept of eHUBS can be spread across the Northwest Europe region and beyond, the eHUBS consortium has created a letter of intent to invite other cities to become replication cities. Replication cities will be able to use the resources produced by the project. They will commit to implementing a shared e-mobility hub strategy to achieve their sustainable urban mobility goals.

How to become a Replication City

If you would you like to become one of eHUBS Replication Cities and implement the successful eHUBS concept to roll out your shared e-mobility hub strategy, download and sign the below LOI:


*You can amend and edit the LOI according to your own needs. 

Send your signed LOI to the eHUBS project's coordinator Arjen Rodenburg at