Register for the joint Polis-EIT Climate KIC workshop "SuSMo–Shared Urban Sustainable Mobility" on 28 29 November 2019 in Brussels

To mitigate the impact of the transport sector on climate change, it is urgent to reduce emissions from urban mobility, but the shift to a sustainable multi-modal future requires a system change in how individuals travel and how transport professionals think about transport.

Cities have ambitious plans for carbon neutrality, but we stand at a crossroads, unsure of the way forward towards these goals.

New services are introduced in cities, but what role the city authority in supporting or regulating shared mobility? What role for a private operator? What are the responsibilities of public transport organisations, and how can we work together? And how do we ensure that our actions support decarbonisation goals?

The EIT Climate-KIC ecosystems project SuSMo (Sustainable Shared Mobility) will focus on building a European ecosystem for shared sustainable mobility, by which we mean shared bicycles / cargo bicycles / scooters / e-mopeds (electric powered or not) and shared electric cars / vans and charging infrastructure.

The first workshop aims:

  • Bring together key people working on sustainable shared mobility from a range of different organisations and identify others who can participate in the next workshop.
  • Give a forum in which participants can exchange with each other regarding their problems and ways forward.
  • Build capacity for participants and organisers regarding transition to shared mobility.
  • Build capacity regarding the role of behavioural change in transport decarbonisation with a focus on shared mobility.

The workshop consists of short lectures (systems transitions, city strategies for decarbonisation/ climate neutrality, behavioural change), workshop exercises designed to support exchange and problem definition, a site visit and dinner.

When and where

Thursday 28th November starting at 14:00 – 18:00

Friday 29th November 9:00 - 15.00

The Egg, Rue Bara 175, 1070, Brussels

Contact and sign-up

Please follow this link to register your attendance: SuSMo Brussels Workshop Sign Up

If you have any questions please contact Beth Morley, Cenex,

Travel fund (Polis members only)

The SuSMo Project has travel fund for a limited number of Polis members attending the event.

For more information, please contact Florinda Boschetti ( +32 2 500 56 74