Madrid is granting a permit to 18 electric-scooter operators

The total of 10.000 e-scooters will be deployed in all city districts according to detailed figueres, that will have to be respected with a daily distribution.

As prerequisites, Madrid asked applicants to provide riders and third parties insurance, geolocation, and geofencing-enabled apps.

For safety reasons, electric scooters are prohibited from going on the sidewalk, bus lanes, streets with more than one lane in each direction, and main ring roads. They will be able to circulate along cycle paths, cycle tracks, on streets within 30km/h zones, respecting pedestrian's right-of-way.

E-scooters must park in the areas reserved to motorcycles and bicycles. If there are not any, they can park in the general parking area of ​​the road and, in the last case, on the sidewalks, provided they do it by the curb and leave more than three meters of free width.