Complete survey on assessing city and regional planning needs in smart charging

Does your public authority have a strategy in place for the roll-out of public charging infrastructure? Who finances charging infrastructure in your area? Is electricity grid overload a problem in your city or region?

As part of the EU-funded SCALE project on smart charging and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), POLIS has co-created a survey aimed to local and regional governments. The goal is to understand the state, needs and challenges of public authorities in regard to smart charging, EV deployment strategies, public charging tendering processes, grid challenges and more.

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SCALE Opportunities!

The SCALE team is looking to create strong synergies and collaborations with other organisations and projects. Through this survey, you can indicate your interest to stay in touch with the project and get involved – there are many opportunities ahead including a V2X Alliance! By fulling in the survey, you also stand a chance of winning a prize.

How will the survey be used?

This survey and focus group interviews will be conducted to collect data on needs and challenges of stakeholders and the added value of V2G and smart charging. Findings will feed into the creation of a framework for Joint Procurement and the development of guidelines for integrated planning of smart charging and V2X infrastructure for cities and regions.

You can find out more about the project here.

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