11/09/2023 - 12/09/2023 Arnhem, Gelderland

Regions and Clean Vehicles & Air Quality working group meeting

POLIS’ Regions and Clean Vehicles & Air Quality working groups unite for a two-day in person event, featuring panel discussions, workshops and site visits traversing key issues shaping urban mobility in regions- and cities. 

Date: 11 & 12 September, 2023

Location: Arnhem, NL

The event will be an opportunity to hear from policymakers, leading projects, and cutting-edge research focusing on regional mobility governance, electromobility and decarbonisation, exploring key challenges around funding, measuring, monitoring and partnership creation.

We discuss: 

  1. Creating, measuring and monitoring mobility-related climate targets and measures
  2. Capacity for regions to structure and manage budgets/funding
  3. Low Emission Zones/Zero Emission Zones, adoption of Clean Fleets
  4. Charging infrastructure for Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  5. Partnerships for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation

There will also be a chance to see first-hand the implementation of electromobility projects and a range of networking opportunities.


Measuring and monitoring mobility-related climate targets

Cities and regions are under growing pressure to meet decarbonisation targets, many pursing climate neutrality by 2030. However, understanding, setting, and measuring such objectives is a complex process. Yet it is a crucial, if not indispensable, part of creating clear objectives and monitoring their progress- and one which many regions are beginning to actively undertake.

This session will look at how regions (and cities) are developing analysis and assessment mechanisms, what support is available from European level, the key challenges, and how others can learn from these.


Capacity for regions to structure and manage budgets/funding 

Regions across Europe often find themselves at a complex confluence between municipal and national actors, where planning for, and delivery of, mobility requires managing budgets and funding in cooperation with a range of different stakeholders.

This session will look at the different approaches to developing cooperation and engaging in partnerships and how regions can leverage funding opportunities.

It also explores how private and academic partnerships are established and coordinated with a particular focus on how this plays out in EV charging infrastructure roll-out and to create buy-in for LEZ.


Low Emission Zones/Zero Emission Zones

Cities need fewer (and cleaner) cars, and are implementing progressive measures to tackle air pollution. However, the management of access regulations cannot be done without cooperation with surrounding areas. This is especially important in major capitals which suffer a large inflow of traffic resulting from daily commuting traffic from the neighbouring municipalities.

This session will focus on how implementing more stringent Low Emission Zones/Zero Emission Zones at city-level impacts the surrounding regions and metropolitan areas, and the cooperation models available.


Charging infrastructure

The successful uptake of electromobility will require a comprehensive framework which addresses the affordability of e-mobility and adequate charging infrastructure. However, this should not come at the expense of the already scarce public space, and must be aligned with cities’ and regions’ existing sustainable mobility strategies.

In this session, we will focus on good examples of local and regional cooperation in the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, like Gelderland's Clean Energy Hubs, as well as innovative solutions for fleet electrification supported by RES.

Partnerships for sustainable mobility and decarbonisation

How can cities and regions work with one another, and establish the cross sector, public-private partnerships required to advance cleaner mobility agendas. This session will focus on the many strategies being deployed and innovative partnerships being developed.


Please note, this meeting is open to POLIS members only.

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