EU Policy

The voice of cities and regions

Polis contributes to EU policy and legislative initiatives in the field of transport that may have an impact at the local and regional level. Polis regularly updates members on relevant European policy, develops position and discussion papers on topical issues, puts forward amendments to EU legislative documents and financial perspectives, and organises Brussels-based high-level events on key policy challenges related to urban mobility.

Co-creating European legislation and guidance

Polis contributes to EU policies by informing legislators about local experiences and project findings. We systematically brief our members about the regulatory processes linked to transport, including clean vehicles, road safety, air quality, automation, MaaS and more. We also engage in the development of European guidance for cities and regions, e.g. on SUMPs, urban vehicle access regulations and clean city logistics.

Defining priorities for research funding

Polis is a member of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), and leads the platform’s Urban Mobility Working Group, which advises the European Commission on urban mobility topics that should be prioritized for EU funding in the research and innovation framework programmes.