ACEA Event - Powertrain options for commercial vehicles - 29 November 2017

Through several speeches and two panel discussions, the conference will address the question of diesel as the dominant powertrain for commercial vehicles and examine various options in terms of alternative fuels:

  • Why is diesel by far the most dominant powertrain for trucks, vans and buses?
  • What will power these vehicles in the future: electricity, diesel, gas, hydrogen?
  • What will it take to accelerate the roll-out of alternative fuel infrastructure?
  • What role for sustainable biofuels?
  • Vehicle access restrictions, what implications for commercial vehicles?
  • Could ‘zero-emission vehicle’ mandates ever apply to trucks, vans or buses?

To explore these and other topical questions during the ACEA’s ‘Powertrain options for commercial vehicles’ conference, you can register here. The full programme is here. You can also see first-hand at this event a range of trucks, buses and vans on display, powered by different technologies – electric, hybrid, gas, diesel, biogas and ethanol.