eCharge4Drivers leaves its mark at the Global Mobility Call!

You read it right: eCharge4Drivers, the European project improving the EV charging experience within cities and on long trips, was present at the Global Mobility Call in Madrid. Want to know more? Then keep on reading!

 eCharge4Drivers was present at Global Mobility Call 2023, an international event on sustainable mobility of people and goods taking place annually in the Spanish capital.

The Global Mobility Call was conceived to promote collaboration between companies and generate public-private partnerships that contribute to the development of new sustainable mobility in cities and rural areas. It focuses on diverse transport topics such as:

  • The path to net-zero
  • Mobility solutions for citizens
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Smart and liveable cities
  • Talent and future jobs
  • And much more!

eCharge4Drivers was present during the whole duration of the event, from October 24 to October 26, sharing the stand along with its sister project USER-CHI and UNCHAIN. On the last day, eCharge4Drivers also gave a quick yet comprehensive presentation covering the most important topics of the project, including its:

  • Vision
  • Strategic objectives
  • Innovative solutions
  • Demonstration areas
  • External Interest Group
  • and more!


Interested to know more about the project? Check its official website here.