Answer EU survey on accessible and inclusive recharging infrastructure

The European Commission is supporting the Sustainable Transport Forum's work on developing a guide for the accessibility and inclusivity of electric recharging infrastructure. Have insights to share? Answer the survey now!

The Sustainable Transport Forum (STF), of which POLIS is part, has launched a survey together with the European Commission to gather insights on accessible and inclusive recharging infrastructure.

The survey's purpose is to receive information from relevant stakeholders to develop a guide on the accessibility of electric recharging infrastructure, with a section focused specifically on helping public authorities implement EV recharging infrastructure that allows for seamless mobility and accessibility for all users, including persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Through this questionnaire, the STF aims to gather information, legislation, regulations, documents, plans, guidelines and good practices in a structured way that can support the deployment of accessible recharging infrastructure, as well as identify the main issues and needs to be considered by public authorities at three different levels:

  • Hardware i.e. pole/charging station equipment;
  • Associated parking spaces and surrounding environment and any related security or safety issues;
  • Distribution/location of accessible recharging poles/stations & parking spaces;

Are you a public authority or an organisation with insights to share on accessible electric recharging infrastructure? Then, let your voice be heard and do not hesitate to answer the survey now!

The deadline for responding is 7 May 2023.
To access the survey and find out more information, click here.