2022 - 2025


NextETRUCK is a 3-and-a-half-year Horizon Europe project that develops ZEV concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage.

The volume of the commercial freight sector is expected to increase by 2050. To meet the European climate goals in this process, research organizations, business strategists, technology companies and manufacturers need to collaborate towards zero-emission transport. 

Running from 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2025, NextETRUCK - Efficient and Affordable Zero Emission Logistics Through Next-Generation Electric Trucksaims to play a pioneering role in the decarbonisation of vehicle fleets, demonstrating next-generation e-mobility concepts. The project contributes to zero-emission vehicles and ecosystems that are holistic, innovative, affordable, competitive, and synergetic. 

The project builds concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage with at least a 10% increase in energy efficiency compared to existing highest-end benchmark electric vehicles. In addition, it prepares concept and infrastructure demonstrators for fast charging. Finally,aerial photography of freight truck lot NextETRUCK offers new business models to increase end-user acceptance and foster the market uptake of the project solutions.

The consortium consists of 19 partners from 8 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom. The project coordinator is TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research). 

NextETRUCK conducts demonstrations in Istanbul, Barcelona, and the United Kingdom. 

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