Gothenburg wins Thinking Cities Award

In session 3F of the 2018 Polis Conference, Malin Andersson presented the project: For the last three years, ElectriCity line 55 has used geofencing technique on ten vehicles. With promising results: The technique is reliable, drivers feel that the system supports them and helps them to focus on driving. Trials showed drivers are less stressed, fleet owners note less damaged vehicles, speed limits are kept and emissions decrease.

"An unexpected finding is that drivers, fleet owners and vehicle manufacturer all liked the controlling part of geofencing, and their high expectations on cities to implement strong controlling systems. When it is technically controlled it is perceived fair and competition neutral", explained Malin Andersson in her presentation.

In disruptive technique tests like geofencing, the importance of collaboration between the full range of stakeholders and problem owners cannot be underestimated. “Our digitalized geofencing tests means technique could enable cities to control vehicle fleets concerning speed, powertrain and access in the future. Will policy and regulation follow?”, said Andersson.

About the award

This year’s award rewards a paradigm shift in traffic control as Gothenburg uses geofencing not only to manage traffic flows but to improve liveability in the city. Presented by TomTom this year, the Thinking Cities Award recognises a city's or region's innovative and transferable mobility solution.