POLIS launches Just Transition webinar series

Are we all on board? As our cities and regions strive to achieve decarbonised, decongested, safer and smarter transport services, the term: ‘Just Transition’ is on everybody’s lips.  

But what does this really mean, and how do we achieve it? POLIS’ webinar series dives in, exploring what a Just Transition means for the entire urban mobility mix; from active travel planning to electromobility, urban freight to digitalisation - we even examine regional and SMC perspectives.

POLIS and the Just Transition 

At the 2021 Annual POLIS Conference in Gothenburg, we launched the Just Transition Agenda.

Urban mobility has to change substantively, to become cleaner and more resilient- this is no secret. However, affordability, safety, and inclusivity must be at the heart of this transition.

Our Agenda urged cities, national decision-makers and international institutions to double down on their commitment to ensuring Europe’s sustainable mobility transition works for all — regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, physical abilities or socio-economic status.

Across the last year, we have seen inspiring progress. From London’s OUTbound, a staff network group for the LGBTQIA+ community, to Amsterdam’s accessibility mapping, to Madrid’s efforts to boost women’s employment in the sector; POLIS members have been placing inclusion, diversity and accessibility front and centre.

However, there is a long road (train track and bike lane) yet to travel.

A new webinar series from January to March 2023

We are delighted to announce our Just Transition webinar series. Across several online events from January to March 2023, we will traverse the multifaceted ways affordability, gender-related mobility patterns, age, cognitive capacities (and more), can guide the future of our cities and regions.

A truly Just Transition is one which addresses imbalance and unfairness across the entire mobility spectrum. Thus, each webinar will launch an examination into mobility justice from a specific perspective, in accordance with POLIS’ different working groups.

From freight to parking, traffic efficiency to active travel, electromobility to safety — and everything in between — we begin to discuss how each sector has its part to play, the challenges ahead, and how cities and regions are treading new ground.

This follows in the steps of our hugely successful Mobilising Mobility and Public Transport Lab webinar series, to support our cities and regions translating ambition to action on the ground!

Please note: This webinar series will include some sessions open to the public, while others will be available to POLIS members only.

POLIS is the leading network of cities and regions, bringing together cities, regions, as well as research institutes and transport operators, to address common urban mobility challenges, while advocating for greater involvement of local and regional authorities in national and international mobility policy agendas.

At a time when international cooperation is critical for tackling the challenges we face creating more inclusive, more accessible sustainable urban mobility.

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