SEEV4City Final Policy Recommendations are now available

As SEEV4City draws to its conclusion, its results become available. One of the main project outcomes relates to the conceptualisation of policy-recommendations to enable the better integration of Electric Vehicles and renewable energy planning through Sustainable Urban Mobility & Energy Plans (SUMEPs).

The SEEV-City Project Policy Recommendations Publication, together with the Full Report is now available for download. These documents are the result of four years of research and cover the use of electric vehicles for vehicle-to-everything in all its facets, in combination with renewables, home, business, neighbourhood, city. The full report provides a final analysis on policy-recommendations and a roadmap based on the culmination of experiences, learnings and additional research within the project and its 6 operational pilots.

The policy recommendations are dedicated to policies related to the integration of transport, urban planning and energy addressing several dimensions from regulatory frameworks, standardisation and communication protocols, taxation and legislation, subsidies and incentives, and many more.

The documents are a must-read for policy-makers at the EU, national, local and regional levels, particularly to those looking to draft their Sustainable Urban Energy and Mobility Plans (SUMEPs).

Is your appetite whet? Know more by reading the SEEV4City Policy Recommendations Publication and the Full Report of the SEEV4City City Policy Recommendations.

For additional information on this project and its results, please contact Sabina Asanova.


About SEEV4City

Funded by the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme, the main objective of SEEV4-City is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources, encouraging take-up in cities through ICT. The project pilots six demonstration projects across the North Sea Region focused on EVs integration and renewable energies in Loughborough (UK), Leicester (UK), Kortrijk (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Oslo (Norway).