SCALE launches a webinar series on smart charging and V2X

An exciting webinar series on smart charging and V2X is about to start, and it promises to be a unique opportunity to learn!

Is there anything better than taking the time to learn and grow during the summer? The EU Horizon Europe project SCALE, which explores and tests smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, is launching a handful of short and interactive webinars spanning from July until October.

These webinars are an invitation to slow down, discuss and learn from each other. Each webinar will be between 45 minutes and an hour and will consist of a quick presentation and lively discussions. They are designed for everybody working or interested in the e-mobility sector, from data analysts, and policymakers, to researchers and professionals in the industry. The goal of the series is to discuss the key findings of the project and the e-mobility sector's hottest topics.

The first webinar of the "SCALE Summer Sessions" series was on July 6 (15:00-16:00 CET) and looked into "the smart charging ecosystem: who is who? What are their drivers and barriers?". For an overview of the main points of discussions, read SCALE's article.

A second webinar on cities' perspectives on public smart charging is planned for early September

The second webinar of the SCALE Summer Sessions series - "A tale of two cities: How are public authorities steering public (smart) charging" - is on Friday, 8 September (13:00-14:00 CET). It will include two short presentations from professionals from the City of Stockholm and Barcelona Regional who will focus on the perspective, needs, challenges, successes and strategies of public authorities in deploying public (smart) charging. The webinar will also include an introduction by the City of Utrecht and a structured Q&A.

This webinar is based on a SCALE task which involved conducting a survey answered by 25 cities and regions, and interviews of 8 professionals from European cities and regions. The goal was to understand their needs and challenges in regard to public charging, smart charging and V2X, grid constraints and energy management, multi-level governance frameworks and the involvement of the public and private sector in delivering public charging infrastructure.

Date: 08/09/2023 - 13:00 to 14:00 CET

Speakers from local governments from the cities of Stockholm, Barcelona and Utrecht.

Moderator: Edwin Bestebreurtje (FIER Sustainable Mobility)

Register now by clicking on this link.


What is coming next?

The next webinars of the series will start after the summer and will look at the following topics.

  • DSO and TSO needs for smart charging and V2X services – September
  • Hard- and software requirements for EVs, charging stations and Charge Point Operators for V2X - late September
  • Consumer behaviour: needs and challenges including smart charging and V2X - October

To stay updated on the upcoming webinars, follow the SCALE LinkedIn page!