2020 - 2024


Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing rapidly across Europe. However, drivers still encounter problems to find appropriate charging options, with the availability and extent of the charging network still lacking in some cases.

The vision of eCharge4Drivers is to focus on the users and substantially improve the EV charging experience within cities and on long trips, making it better than refuelling an ICE vehicle. 

eCharge4Drivers will develop and demonstrate in 11 areas, including metropolitan areas and TEN T corridors. Various types of charging station will be used and will offer various direct payment methods and bigger user-friendly displays. The project will demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities, a mobile charging service, charge points at lamp posts, networks of battery swapping stations for LEVs and a transportable charging station service to cover temporary needs. 

Using the knowledge generated, the project will propose an EV Charging Location Planning Tool to determine the optimum mix of charging options to cover the user needs, recommendations for legal and regulatory harmonisation and guidelines for investors and authorities for the sustainability of charging infrastructure and services.

The project began in June 2020 and runs until June 2024.

To find out more, please contact Sabina Asanova, Laura Babío or Gabriela Barrera.

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