eHUBS wraps up at Metropolitan Mobility Conference

The conference explored the role of eHUBS, the lessons learned from cities pioneering them and opportunities for the future found by universities. Across two days, participants heard from local authorities, universities, and mobility experts, sharing knowledge and inspiring their peers.

Several European cities are already experimenting with eHUBS, piloting the concept to create cleaner, sustainable and livable cities. This eHUBs conference was a result from the eHUBS project, which is funded by the Interreg NWE Programme, with six partner cities from five countries implementing the shared mobility concept, paving the way for others to do the same.

What happened?

For two days we provided you with an interesting programme taking place in Amsterdam’s historic Pakhuis de Zwijger building.

Each day began and ended with a plenary session, with several smaller breakout sessions in between. These were unique opportunities for active engagement with those leading the eHUBS project, learning more about how the project results could be scaled and transferred to cities and regions of all shapes and sizes.

An information market took place during the entire day where it was possible to retrieve information on interesting mobility initiatives.

Day 2 started with a plenary session and was followed by several rounds of workshops. Throughout the conference there was plenty of networking opportunities where attendees met experts, policymakers and transport stakeholders from across Europe.

Full program here

Complete recording of all sessions: