Electric freight in cities: ELIPTIC and FREVUE joined forces in Barcelona

Since Barcelona-based partners (BSM, TMB, CENIT and the city/LIVE platform) were involved in either the electric freight project FREVUE or the ELIPTIC project on the electrification of public transport, the Spanish city was the perfect location for bringing together the two communities.

The workshop started with an introduction by the host of the day, BSM and was followed by an introduction of the two projects. Specific case studies from the cities of Barcelona and Madird highlighted the specific challenges related to the use of electric PT infrastructure for other purposes and related to charging electric  freight vehicles in an urban environment.

Cities and partners from all over Europe got an opportunity to have a one-hour discussion with some of the ELIPTIC and FREVUE partners present in Barcelona.

In the afternoon, two site visits were organised. Participants could either visit the TMB depot and its charging infrastructure or visit several charging infrastructure spots (off-street parking, bike-sharing station, on-street parking, etc.) located within or around one of Barcelona's SuperBlock.