17/11/2020 Online

Mobilising Mobility: The role of local authorities in energy systems for e-mobility

Managing energy produced at the local level: how do you do it and who should be responsible?

The Interreg project CleanMobilEnergy is focusing on connecting locally produced clean energy to the energy storage that can be then fed to electric vehicles. To do this, an innovative and intelligent energy management system is being developed which will allow the aggregators to redirect the energy in the most efficient manner.

This webinar explores who should be responsible for managing and redistributing renewable energy at the local level; who can and should assume the role of the aggregator?

Our panel brings together representatives of both the private and public sectors to discuss the governance of renewable energy for the e-mobility.

This webinar was moderated by Peter Swart, Senior Policy Advisor for Environment in City of Arnhem

Speakers include:

  • Haike van de Vegte, Business Manager at Firan
  • Hugo Niesing, Founder of Recourcefully


The webinar was a POLIS initiative in cooperation with the CleanMobilEnergy project.

View recording here

About CleanMobilEnergy

CleanMobilEnergy will integrate various renewable energy sources, storage devices, electric vehicles and optimisation of energy consumption through one unique smart energy management system. The development of this intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) will increase the economic value of renewable energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The iEMS will assure the smart integration through interoperability based on open standards for data flows and analysis tools.