27/03/2024 Brussels, Belgium

VUB-MOBI Seminar 2024: From electric to autonomous vehicles

POLIS associate member VUB-MOBI invites you to join its seminar on Wednesday, 27 March 2024, discussing the future of transport, with topics from electric to autonomous vehicles.

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles, the transition from EV to AV stands as a testament to human ingenuity and environmental responsibility. Leading this transformative journey is POLIS member VUB-MOBI, a pioneer renowned for its innovative blend of technical prowess and sustainability ethos, shaping a future where electric and autonomous vehicles coexist harmoniously.

A Symphony of Expertise: MOBI's Interdisciplinary Team 

MOBI's exceptional blend of technical, environmental, and socio-economic expertise is embodied by its interdisciplinary team. As we navigate the path from EV to AV, the collective intelligence of the team becomes the driving force. They stand as a one-stop shop, offering comprehensive solutions that transcend the conventional, propelling us toward a future where electric and autonomous vehicles seamlessly integrate into multi-energy communities and smart grids. 

Envisioning a Bright Tomorrow

Looking ahead, MOBI's commitment extends beyond technological advancements. At the MOBI Electromobility Research Centre, researchers are fervently dedicated to addressing the pressing needs of electric mobility. Through relentless pursuit of improvement, pioneering novel solutions, conducting groundbreaking research, sharing insights, and nurturing innovation within the e-mobility sector, they actively shape the evolution from EV to AV.

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