Polis joins EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018

Join us on 5 June at the Dutch Permanent Presentation, just minutes away from the EU Sustainable Energy Week’s Policy Conference (Charlemagne building).

This session on the combined Energy-Mobility transition presents activities, lessons learned and advices from European cities and regions, frontrunners in applying innovative renewable energy solutions smart combined with EV charging infrastructure.

Among our high-level speakers we are welcoming:

  • Mark Stiphout (European Commission DG Energy)
  • Ger Baron (CTO of Amsterdam's city)
  • Henk van Raan (Director Johan Cruijff Amsterdam ArenA)
  • Karen Vancluysen (POLIS Network)
  • Stephan Raes (The Dutch Permanent Representation of the EU)
  • Adrian Vinsome (CENEX)

Attending this session and you will be expected to learn from 4 EU projects:

  • SEEV4-City with practical experiences, integration on clean energy, electric mobility & with ICT tools;
  • CleanMobilEnergy with presentation of an overarching energy management system & diverse experiences;
  • SIMPLA and the incorporation of sustainable mobility plans and renewable energy action programmes;
  • EV ENERGY with new policy development, lead to better uptake, upscaling, replicability and better business practice for cities.

More information on the event can be found here, as well as the agenda for the afternoon.

Shall you wish to register? Please send an email to Julie Chenadec (


CleanMobilEnergy explores the integration of renewable energy and mobility through the development of an intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS). At the pilot sites, vehicles are charged with electricity from wind and solar energy. At the same time, they reduce their use of electricity from the grid to moments when prices are low or when renewable energy sources are not available.

CleanMobilEnergy is led by the City of Arnhem, a member of Polis.


SEEV4City runs pilots on short-term storage of renewable energy for electromobility, also referred to as Vehicle to Grid (V2G). The storage makes it possible to charge vehicles on moments of a high demand and low supply of renewable energy. Polis member in the project: Amsterdam.

The event is organised together with EV Energy and SIMPLA.