eHUBS shares 5th and 6th edition of webinar series

5th webinar: Communication strategy – eHUBS’ successful uptake

eHUBS are presented as a solution to reduce gas emissions since 25% of them come from the transport sector. However, is implementing shared mobility hubs enough to have an impact if no one uses them? Why and how to work for a successful uptake of eHUBS by end users? Isn’t communication the key to success? The answer to these questions and more were addressed during our 5th eHUBS webinar!


Gustav Bosehans - Newcastle University.

Jasper Meekes - City of Nijmegen.

Veerle De Meyer - City of Mechelen.



6th webinar: Potential Business models for eHUBS?

The last eHUBS webinar will brough an overview of the different business models that can make eHUBS a successful story from two different perspectives:

  • A research conducted by the University of Antwerp called "Business Model Blueprints for the Shared Mobility Hub Network"
  • The perspective of  business models for eHUBS in rural areas by


Elnert Coenegrachts - Researcher within the Department of Transport and Regional Economics at Antwerp University. 

Bram Seeuws - Project and policy coordinator at,  carshare Belgium.