Final analysis reports on Smart Charging and V2X pilots

The finish line is near. The SEEV4-City project, started in 2015 with funding from EU Interreg North Sea Region, is coming to an end this summer.

Twelve partners worked on six different sites, across five North Sea Region cities. Each implemented variations of Smart Charging and Vehicle-to-X (V2X), to demonstrate the supply and demand of renewable energy optimisation using electric vehicles (a.k.a different approaches to Vehicle for Energy Services (V4ES). The six Operational Pilots explored different ways of charging electric vehicles with (locally) produced renewable energy to stabilise the electric grid. The three main outcomes for the project were to reduce CO2 emissions, increase the site’s energy autonomy, and defer grid reinforcement investments.

As the project is nearing its completion, all six pilots have been evaluated and the final reports are now published on the SEEV4-City website. Each report discusses the pilot’s background, the Key Performance Indicator conclusions, cost-benefit analysis, lessons learned and upscaling & transnational transfer potential.

The reports are available for you to explore and see the results and developments of these innovative demonstration pilots, including how to address grid congestion issues by utilising batteries from electric vehicles, and more.

Head over to the SEEV4-City publications website page to download the Final OP reports or any other publication.