Clean trucking into a greener future: Electrifying EU logistics

The electrification of urban and regional logistics holds great potential to cut emissions in the freight sector and accelerate the decarbonisation of transport.

A webinar organised on 19 November 2020 by the European Clean Trucking Alliance, of which POLIS is a member, was the occasion to provide new insight on the topic.

During this webinar, Giacomo Lozzi, POLIS urban freight coordinator, provided a presentation of the How-to Guide on Zero-emission zones for freight that POLIS has prepared with C40 and TDA, that will be officially launched at the POLIS Conference in session 1D on 30 November at 11:30.

The Regulatory Assistance Project and the International Council on Clean Transportation presented the findings of their new joint report Electrifying EU city logistics – an analysis of energy demand and charging cost. The report looks at how logistics operators can charge electric trucks most cost effectively at the depot, while also capturing consumer and grid benefits by optimising their charging processes. At this crucial time for the transition to zero-emission of the road freight sector, the report invites national and EU policy-makers to reform electricity markets and the European legislative framework about EV charging under review.

The webinar was moderated by Dietmar Oeliger on behalf of the European Clean Trucking Alliance and brought together the following speakers:

Presentations are available clicking on the speakers' names, while the video recording is available at this link.