Madrid expands ultra-fast electric charging

Madrid City Council plans to expand ultrafast electric charging services in the city by 2021.

POLIS member, Madrid has renewed the city’s commitment to sustainable mobility by pledging 2 million Euros to significantly extending and enhancing electric charging infrastructure in the capital.

The financial provision will be apportioned into three segments, with 1.7million allotted for the deployment of fast charging points and public access equipment, which will enable a vehicle to be recharged in just 7 minutes. Further funds will support additional infrastructure to make charging easier for EV drivers.

This latest move is part of Madrid’s long term commitment to sustainable mobility. This year alone the city has increased its rapid recharge network by over 55%, and the city now boasts 159 charging locations. The effort forms part of the city's innovative approach to making mobility services accessible, environmentally friendly and multi-modal.

Infrastructure has been installed through public-private partnerships- a governance structure which many cities have found highly effective for enhancing EV services. The City Council has signed five public-private partnership agreements to expand the rapid recharge network by 18 points distributed in 13 locations.

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