Leadership Summit in Glasgow: Registrations open!

On 8 June, POLIS will be holding its next Leadership Summit in Glasgow- and you can now register to attend!

If we are to achieve ambitious climate targets, transforming urban mobility will be critical. Cities and regions have a key role to play – this is the time for brave leadership and decisive action, at both local and global levels.

POLIS and the City of Glasgow (POLIS member and host of COP26) will hold a Leadership Summit to discuss the way ahead and set a clear message for COP27 later this year.

This high-level dialogue will convene political leaders and leading practitioners from European and British local and regional authorities, top experts from research and industry, high-level representatives from national governments, and key stakeholders involved in global climate processes.

The event will take stock of where our cities and regions – both in the European Union and the United Kingdom – stand, and how they have been crafting ambitious climate plans including clear targets in terms of decarbonising the transport sector.
Small, medium, and large cities, provinces, and regions are the first responders to health and social crises, and the early adopters of transport innovations. They must manage complexity and develop multimodal and integrated solutions, every day. They are at the front line – and need the active cooperation and support from all levels of government.
This Summit will enable intense knowledge exchange, foster peer to peer cooperation, and feed the development of a message to the COP on the next steps to be taken at the global level towards a successful decarbonisation of transport in our cities and regions.
Full agenda HERE
Research for Action workshop

The summit will be preceded by a workshop on “Research for Action”.

This affiliated session will address upcoming funding and project development, exploring how cities, regions and knowledge institutes can make the most of research and innovation opportunities.
This is aimed at academic and research institutions focusing on:
  • Leading issues in urban mobility R&I which are working to accelerate decarbonisation.
  • Orienting urban mobility research to best support leaders in advancing the transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility.
  • How to ensure a continued level of EU-UK interaction and cooperation.

You can find the Research Workshop agenda HERE.

Interested in attending? Please email