27 September, ASSURED Workshop - Utility and delivery e-trucks and e-vans

ASSURED boosts the integration of urban commercial electric vehicles with high power fast-charging infrastructure.

The ASSURED Urban Freight User Group (UF UG) includes experts from local authorities, logistics service providers, grid and charging infrastructure operators, who are invited to attend key project events and to exchange on and validate the project innovations.

The next meeting will be held in Bilbao (Spain) on Friday 27 September 2019 (9:00-16:00), organised in cooperation with City Council of Bilbao (Mobility and Sustainability Department), where some interesting development are unwrapping with regard to the electrification of freight.

More information will follow in the next weeks, but for the moment save the date and register here.

The meeting will involve the relevant ASSURED partners, the experts of the Urban Freight User group, and other interested actors. It will go along with some study visit. The main topics will be:

To facilitate the participation of interested cities and relevant stakeholders, we can offer the possibility to get reimbursed for your expenses (limited availability).

NOTE: If you are a Polis member: Polis is organising the 1st meeting of the Small and Medium Cities Platform on the 25th, and the Clean Vehicles Working Group on the 26th, both in Bilbao. If you want to attend, please tick the corresponding boxes in the registration form.