POLIS publishes second volume of magazine Cities in motion!

It's here! The second volume of Cities in motion is hot off the press for all of you to enjoy. Titled 'Leadership for action', this issue explores the multifaceted dimensions of leadership and tangible action taking place on the ground.

A person enjoying some urban cycling

You read it right: We just published the second volume of our beloved new magazine, Cities in motion! The magazine, initially launched during the Opening Plenary of the 2022 Annual POLIS Conference, inspires citizens and mobility actors by serving as a source of insight into the intricate connections between cities and transport and how they affect our lives.

Our in-house team developed it to provide a comprehensive view of all aspects of urban mobility. From access to the environment, governance, safety, and traffic efficiency... no topic remains unexplored!

Leading the way: from theory to action

The second edition of Cities in motion, 'Leadership for action', focuses on understanding what leadership truly is about in the ever-changing mobility field. The goal? To offer new perspectives and innovative ideas to take action! This volume showcases how sustainable urban mobility cannot be achieved alone by highlighting initiatives catalysing transformative change.

Following the release, Karen Vancluysen, POLIS Secretary General, said:

Universities, unions, foundations (and more) are a driving force behind progress, inspiring and bringing diverse stakeholders together. True leaders recognise that no city is an island, and that only by working with private partners, civil society, and citizens, they will be able to navigate political complexities and create equity.

Cover for Cities in motion Volume II: 'Leadership for action'.

Indeed, this compelling new issue aims to not only get you to reconsider conventional notions of mobility but also to get you to start putting those concepts into practice. The volume features the outstanding work of our members: from capital cities like London, Brussels, and Madrid, to smaller municipalities such as Leuven, Groningen, and Strovolos, and leading knowledge institutes such as Cerema, CERTH, and Open Mobility Foundation - among many others. Furthermore: we lead you behind the scenes of POLIS' latest Leadership Summit in Stockholm to show you what joint, strong leadership looks like!

'Leadership for action' also includes exclusive interviews with diverse mobility champions. With whom exactly, you wonder? Featuring road safety activist Giovanni Pintor, advocates and professors Francis Ray White and Rachel Aldred from the University of Westminster, and many more, this edition of Cities in motion offers something for every reader.

It also reviews current actions, combining city expertise, pilot input, project partners, and relevant policy positions, including the soon-to-be-published Micromobility and E-mobility x Vision Zero papers, the Dynamic Curbside Management report, and SuM4ALL's Gender balance toolkit.

Alessia Giorgiutti, Cities in motion's Editor in Chief and POLIS Communications Coordinator, stated:

This second volume highlights the amazing work that our members are doing in paving the way. We hope that readers will not only appreciate the read but also that they get inspired to put leadership into action. We look very much forward to continuing to support cities, regions, and other organizations in telling their own stories in next editions.

You can now read Cities in motion Volume II: 'Leadership for action', in two formats:

  • An interactive, digital flipbook, available HERE.
  • A scroll-through PDF, available HERE.