TRA2020 Helsinki Call for Invited Sessions open

Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the foremost European transport research event that covers all transport modes and aspects of mobility. The eighth edition of this biennal event will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on the 27-30 of April in 2020.

Organised and hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and co-organised with the European Commission, TRA2020 is titled “Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility”.

Inspired by this theme, TRA2020 will concentrate on the imperative transformation that transport is undergoing mainly thanks to digital and automation technologies. TRA attendees will also get to know about Finland’s silo-breaking re-regulation of the entire transport sector that enables trials, pilots and innovation actions.

Call for Invited Sessions to contribute to TRA2020

TRA is a get-together for researchers, policy makers and industry representatives who desire to hear about new mobility trends in different parts of Europe, learn from achievements in industry, as well as share best practices of policies and deployments to re-shape the transport and mobility system.

In this frame, Transport Research Arena 2020 will facilitate a limited number of Invited Sessions, which can be proposed by any interested party and can be freely formatted - as discussion panels, standard sessions, or special types of workshops.

Invited Sessions have an important role to adding to the strategic agenda and storylines of TRA2020: therefore, the sessions will have a high visibility in the TRA2020 programme. As of the selection of the sessions, it will be done by the TRA2020 Programme Committee.

The selection criteria

To be selected, sessions should be:

  1. relevant to the conference themes and storylines, especially by highlighting the rethinking idea;
  2. inclusive of expected outcomes/conclusions from the proposed session;
  3. held by a balanced set of confirmed speakers and moderators, preferably covering a wide spectrum of expertise and representativeness;
  4. focused on modal coverage and overall diversity in terms of geography, technology and socio-economics;
  5. with an interesting and fresh topic able to generate new ideas, novel prospects and inclusive engagement of stakeholder;
  6. relevant on a pan-European and/or global level.

How to submit your invited sessions proposal

Please download the Call for Invited Sessions for full information and details about the process, and fill in the Call for invited Sessions form.

Invited Session first contact points

For general guidelines and policy:

Mrs. Päivi Aaltonen, paivi.aaltonen(at)

For practical arrangements:

Mrs. Päivi Tähtinen, paivi.tahtinen(at)