European Commission launches improved EAFO!

Do you want to know more about alternative fuels in the European Union? Visit the new and improved EAFO – European Alternative Fuels Observatory!

The European Commission (EC) has launched an improved EAFO! On March 30th, the EC officially launched the third phase of the EAFO – European Alternative Fuels Observatory. The Observatory has been fully revamped and incorporated into the Commission’s official web domain. EAFO 3.0 is more user-friendly, while the data is of higher quality due to a strengthened collaboration with Eurostat for data quality control.

A knowledge platform for public authorities has also been added to exchange best practices and publish outcomes and recommendations from the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF). It will also facilitate knowledge sharing on EU funding programmes related to alternative fuels.

Throughout 2022, EAFO will gradually be expanded to cover rail and aviation, while the current limited coverage of the inland waterways and maritime sectors will be vastly extended. Also, a consumer information section will be added.


A short video tutorial is available on Youtube here.

For those interested in subscribing to the EAFO newsletter, you can register by sending a short email to this account.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Gabriela Barrera (Director Membership & Finance - Coordinator Clean Vehicles, Urban Freight) and Pedro Gomes (Project Manager - Coordinator Clean Vehicles & Air Quality Working Group) from POLIS Network.