EU Projects

ongoing JULIA


Launched in January 2024, JULIA, short for Joint Developments for Urban resiLIence connecting users to public transport through space technology, is an initiative funded under the Horizon Europe progr...
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ongoing GIANTS


Launched in 2024, the GIANTS project aims to facilitate the uptake of light vehicles (L-vehicles) suited to tackle a range of urban traffic solutions, from congestion reduction to decarbonisation and...
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ongoing LeMesurier


LeMesurier is a two-year Horizon Europe project that will measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the 2ZERO Partnership. Launched in 2021, the 2ZERO Partnership brings together the European...
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ongoing TIPS4PED


To accelerate progress toward decarbonisation, the Horizon Europe project TIPS4PED will support municipalities in the implementation of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs). By developing an Integrated As...
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ongoing HL4EU


Launched in January 2024, HL4EU aims to promote active and healthy lifestyles across Europe. By bringing its mobility expertise to the project, POLIS will ensure that active transport modes remain a p...
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ongoing deployEMDS


Co-funded by the EU and launched at the 2023 Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, the deployEMDS initiative focuses on cultivating a broad European ecosystem of mobility data providers and users, facilit...
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ongoing MONA


Running from 2023 to 2027, the MONA project aims to promote sustainable tourism in natural areas. How, exactly? By promoting a shift to more sustainable modes of transport in national parks, implement...
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ongoing SUM


If European cities are to meet the growing demand for convenient public mobility services while also combatting air pollution, traffic congestion, and excess energy consumption, new and shared mobilit...
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ongoing MoLo Hubs

MoLo Hubs

How can we reduce traffic in urban mobility hubs? This is the question guiding the new Interreg North Sea Region project MoLo Hubs. By initiating and prototypically implementing new and convenient log...
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ongoing ACUMEN


How can mobility leaders ensure that multimodal transport meets customer needs, improves safety, and reduces congestion at the same time? This is a complex challenge that demands innovative solutions....
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ongoing STREnGth_M


STREnGth_M is a three-year Horizon Europe project focused on innovative road transport. Its main objective? Contributing to the planning of research and innovation in Europe through various efforts a...
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ongoing MUSE


Innovation meets sustainability in MUSE! The project aims to shape the future of urban air mobility (UAM) by revolutionising the way drones coexist with European cities. Drone-generated noise and vis...
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