EU Projects

ongoing eBRT2030


Electrified Bus Rapid Transit (eBRT) systems are crucial to achieving more sustainable, carbon neutral cities. Here comes eBRT2030! This new project aims aims to support the next generation of full e...
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ongoing ESCALATE


ESCALATE brings together a highly diverse and committed consortium focused on escalating zero-emission HDVs and logistic intelligence. The goal? To power the European Union's net-zero future! &nb...
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ongoing GREEN-LOG


Now more than ever, we require last-mile delivery ecosystems that are sustainable across various dimensions: and GREEN-LOG aims to meet this need. How? Through innovative solutions and inclusive stake...
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ongoing ShareDiMobiHub


A modal shift from the privately owned car to shared mobility options is needed to cope with increased transport demand. In comes ShareDiMobiHub! Its aim? To improve multi-modal accessibility by rais...
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ongoing SMALL


SMALL brings together highly committed cities, industry, research, and implementing organisations to facilitate the transition to less car-dependent lifestyles, focusing on people with reduced mobili...
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ongoing PHOEBE


PHOEBE stands for 'PredictiveApproaches for Safer Urban Environment’ and aims to be a shining example of road safety promotion. How? By developing an integrated, dynamic, and scalable human-centred...
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ongoing PRECINCT


Bringing together a consortium of 39 partners, the PRECINCT Horizon 2020 project aims to minimise the risks associated with EU Critical Infrastructures. How? By providing a model-driven, collaborative...
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ongoing LENS


LENS brings together a multidisciplinary group of 15 partners from 10 different EU Member States. Its aim? To develop and promote best practices to solve the problem of noise and emissions by improvi...
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ongoing URBANE


URBANE aims to address the negative trends associated with the pressure on last-mile deliveries. How? By identifying and scaling-up novel and more sustainable last-mile transportation solutions! The...
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ongoing SUMP İzmir

SUMP İzmir

SUMP Izmir aims to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the metropolitan municipality of Izmir, Turkey. Its aim? To develop a long-term vision with clear targets and objectives for a m...
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ongoing EU Support for Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Turkish Cities

EU Support for Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Turkish Cities

Gathering a consortium of local and international experts, the project aims to elevate sustainable urban mobility in Turkey and promote a just transition from individual and more polluting modes of tr...
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ongoing NextETRUCK


NextETRUCK is a 3-year Horizon Europe project that develops ZEV concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage. The volume of the commercial freight sector is expected to increase by 2050. To...
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