EU Projects

ongoing eCharge4Drivers


Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing rapidly across Europe. However, drivers still encounter problems to find appropriate charging options, with the availability and extent of the charging...
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ongoing Urban Transports Community

Urban Transports Community

The Urban Transports Community is an Interreg MED Programme initiative that promotes sustainable urban mobility planning in the Euro-Mediterranean region as an effective tool to reduce carbon emission...
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completed Urbanism Next Europe

Urbanism Next Europe

Powered by digital innovation, automation, urbanisation and the urgent quest for sustainable approaches, all types of new, interactive and deeply disruptive developments are paving the way to the futu...
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ongoing PAV


Many European cities have already started experimenting with autonomous mobility. Thinking about AV is mostly related to technology and immediate mobility impacts, but autonomous vehicles have yet to...
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ongoing Dynaxibility4CE


New forms of mobility, like connected and automated driving or mobility as a service, blur classic boundaries of mobility offers. The effective integration of these new mobility trends into transport...
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ongoing MOBI-MIX


Many new urban mobility concepts (from e-scooters to shared mopeds and bikes) have become commercially viable in the last three years, leading to their mass implementation across Europe. So far, the f...
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ongoing LEAD


The rise of on-demand logistics is putting serious strain on last mile delivery systems. Consumers require responsive logistics systems that deliver customised products at low or even zero cost. The i...
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ongoing INDIMO


The multitude of digital solutions for mobility has enabled the emergence of the 'connected traveller', who can independently plan travel routes, modes and departure times just by using a smartphone....
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ongoing SOLUTIONSplus


Achieving a shift away from fossil-fuelled transport is a growing priority for cities. Increasing the deployment and uptake of e-mobility solutions will play a key part in achieving a number of global...
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ongoing WeCount


A high number of vehicles in urban areas is causing numerous societal challenges, including congestion, air pollution and poor public health. WeCount sets out to address these challenges by putting...
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ongoing e-smartec


Many European urban areas face a series of environmental challenges linked to mobility congestion and air pollution. Based on experience, sustainable urban mobility planning cannot be achieved withou...
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completed SUMI


As cities continue to work towards achieving Europe’s policy goals, it is becoming increasingly important that systems for monitoring and reporting progress are put in place. Through making use of s...
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