EU Projects

ongoing SUMP İzmir

SUMP İzmir

SUMP Izmir aims to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the metropolitan municipality of Izmir, Turkey. Its aim? To develop a long-term vision with clear targets and objectives for a m...
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ongoing EU Support for Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Turkish Cities

EU Support for Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Turkish Cities

Gathering a consortium of local and international experts, the project aims to elevate sustainable urban mobility in Turkey and promote a just transition from individual and more polluting modes of tr...
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ongoing NextETRUCK


NextETRUCK is a 3-year Horizon Europe project that develops ZEV concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage. The volume of the commercial freight sector is expected to increase by 2050. To...
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ongoing ISA-FIT


ISA-FIT aims to provide a solid all-in retro-ISA solution for urban environments to speed up the introduction for the benefit of drivers and other road users. Kicked off on Tuesday, 10 May 2022 and w...
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ongoing SUM4ALL


The aim? To expand its influencing role in the transport sector by providing detailed guidance on “HOW to” implement policies included in the Catalogue of Policy Measures (CPM) and test those re...
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ongoing SCALE


SCALE - Smart Charging Alignment for Europe - is a three-year Horizon Europe project that explores and tests smart charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV). The project stems from a rising o...
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ongoing European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) 3.0

European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) 3.0

The goal? Gathering information on infrastructure roll-out for alternative fuels, the uptake of them, and support measures in the Member States and other European countries within EAFO’s scope. The...
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completed FlexCurb


FlexCurb aims to transform the curbside through flexible use and management. Freight transport can negatively influence urban areas and space use by causing congestion, emissions and noise pollution....
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ongoing APOLLO-EU


APOLLO-EU (Alliance Platform for Liveable and Low-Carbon Communities in Europe) aims to support the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative (CBDI) uptake across the European Member States. The main project o...
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ongoing DIT4TraM


The goal? Developing control concepts and algorithms based on swarm intelligence for traffic and transport. The urban mobility ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex. Traditional centralised traf...
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ongoing ELTIS/SUMI2


Eltis/SUMI2 promotes the uptake of SUMPs in Europe, improves the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool and cooperates with 100 European cities to calculate the sustainable urban mobility indicators. Despite the...
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completed Ride2Autonomy


Automation: an essential part of future transport development. Running from April 2021 until November 2022, Ride2Autonomy is an EU-funded project demonstrating autonomous shuttles' integration into t...
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