Answer NextETRUCK's survey on e-freight!

NextETRUCK has launched a survey on e-freight to understand the state, needs, barriers, and challenges in the regulation of commercial freight vehicle circulation and/or parking, the uptake of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) for commercial freight deployment, commercial freight charging tendering processes, grid challenges, and more.

The survey aims to raise awareness about the NextETRUCK project and to create strong synergies and collaborations with other organisations and projects.

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About NextETRUCK

NextETRUCK is a three-year Horizon Europe project that plays a pioneering role in the decarbonisation of vehicle fleets, by demonstrating next-generation e-mobility concepts consisting of holistic, innovative, affordable, competitive, and synergetic zero-emission vehicles and ecosystems for tomorrow’s medium freight haulage.

It aims at a significant leap of knowledge at component, vehicle, fleet, infrastructure, and ecosystem levels, through innovations in e-powertrain components and architectures, smart charging infrastructure and management, improved thermal design of the cabin, fleet management systems with IoT, and digital tools.