Brussels mandates all car parks to install charging stations in 2025

Brussels mandates all car parks to install charging stations! From 2025 onwards, all car parking with a size above ten parking spaces, private and public, must install a minimum number of charging stations.

Gradually but steadily, the Brussels Region is taking steps to make it possible to achieve the objective of having 11,000 electric charging stations — or 22,000 charging points - installed on its territory by 2035. After adopting a decree last year providing that all new car parks are equipped with the pre-cabling necessary for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, the Brussels government has now approved a decree determining a minimum number of EV chargers to be installed in car parks.

This initiative covers all car parks, whether they are public or private, with 10 or more places. Office parking lots will be required to feature recharging stations in at least 10% of their spaces by 2025 and 20% by 2030. This quota is set at 5% by 2025 and 10% by 2030 for public parking lots. It also amends a series of obligations for residential buildings, ensuring that any resident with an electric vehicle may request that the holder of the parking environment permit build a charging station at his own expense, in order to support the tenants' 'right to plug'.

This strategy is part of a set of measures to ensure the proper deployment of EV charging infrastructure in the Brussels capital region.

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