Boosting zero-emission vehicles in corporate and urban fleets

The Platform for Electromobility has published a set of recommendations to support the European Union’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 55% before 2030 by adopting zero-emission vehicles in corporate and urban fleets. 

The Platform for Electromobility, welcomes the European Commission’s ambition to electrify public and corporate fleets recently introduced in the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy.

In fact, road transport remains the largest emitter (71%) with fleet vehicles driving on average 2.25 times  more than private cars and public fleets (such as urban buses) accounting which account for 8% (per passenger per km) of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by the transport sector. 

To help achieve greenhouse gas emissions, the Platform for Electromobility published a proposal to share insights, expertise and recommendations. 

The first recommendation consists in implementing the Clean Vehicle Directive (CVD) for public fleets across all Member States. As of April 2021, only France has implemented the directive and a few more MS have started the transposition process, which could lead to an unequal transposition of this directive across the EU and unequal access to clean transportation. 

The Platform for Electromobility also calls for the establishment of a new single regulation dedicated to the electrification of corporate fleets. 

Corporate fleets represent 20% of the total vehicle park in Europe, 40% of total driven kilometers but is responsible for half of total emissions from road transport. The electrification of corporate fleets should therefore be the start of electrification, allowing to achieve quick emission cuts.

Along with mandatory targets and compliance mechanisms, incentives for fleet owners will also be needed at European and national levels to accompany the shift. Inspiration for positive incentives should be drawn from lessons learnt from well-designed benefit in kind systems for corporate cars across Member States. The Platform for Electromobility will soon propose a document outlining such best practices.

Access the full proposal here