Register for SOLUTIONSplus final e-course on zero-emission urban freight!

The SOLUTIONSPlus Global Learning Programme on electric mobility is about to kick off the final e-course, this time focused on zero-emission freight.

This fifth course of the SOLUTIONSplus Global Learning Programme on electric mobility aims to delve into the intricate relationship between e-mobility and the ongoing efforts to decarbonise our transportation systems, specifically focusing on the transportation of goods.  

This is a 3-unit course, that will be run over 5 weeks. The course will be officially launched on 16 May and run until the end of June. Every 2 weeks, a new unit will be published online:

  • Unit 1: Urban Freight Unleashed: Navigating Last-Mile Logistics: In this unit, participants will learn more about the current trends, challenges and factors influencing city logistics, including emerging topics such as digital twins and physical internet, as well as about how to address the simultaneous challenge of dealing with increased urban freight activity and the implementation of zero-emission urban logistics. 
  • Unit 2 - Greening the Streets: Policies Powering Zero-Emission Urban Logistics: In this unit, participants will better understand the policies and regulatory frameworks pushing for zero-emissions freight including SUMPS, SULPS and Urban Access Regulations like Low and Zero-Emission Zones, as well as examples of this implementation from inspiring cities in Europe and Asia.
  • Unit 3 - Turning Ideas into Action: SOLUTIONSplus’ Living Labs and Beyond in Sustainable Urban Freight: In this unit, participants will learn about how to put into practice zero-emission freight solutions via communities of practice, Living Labs, and innovative distribution models, followed by showcasing examples from SOLUTIONSPlus Partners in Europe in Latin America, including Urban Consolidation Centers (UCC) and Last-Mile Distribution Strategies. 

Throughout the course, we will provide an overview of the challenges associated with urban freight, honing in on last-mile logistics. This includes an exploration of current trends, challenges, influencing factors, and strategies for decarbonising freight operations in cities and urban environments. Additionally, the course will equip participants with knowledge about exemplary practices and real-world examples from SOLUTIONSPlus cities and beyond. 

The course is primarily tailored for logistics operators, and city and regional authorities, but it offers valuable insights for any stakeholder engaged in electric mobility. It will be accessible to the public, extending beyond project demonstration cities and partners. A key emphasis will be on guiding cities and regions in developing countries that are in the initial stages of implementing sustainable urban freight solutions. 

The e-course on zero-emission freight is led by POLIS, supported by Rupprecht Consult and Zaragoza Logistics Center.


Register here and join the kick-off webinar on 16 May from 15:00 to 16:00 CET to learn more about what to expect from the e-course and each unit. The e-course is free of charge and to have access you can register in the Mobility Academy platform.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact  Pedro Gomes, Andréia Lopes Azevedo, and Cláudia Ribeiro