Eurelectric and EY release report on accelerating e-mobility


Eurelectric has released a joint report with EY on accelerating e-mobility. The report confirms that electricity grids can indeed cope with the forecasted 130M EVs and 65M chargers by 2035.

Eurelectric, the association representing the common interests of the electricity industry at a pan-European level, has released a new report with EY. This collaborative report, titled "Power sector accelerating e-mobility",  explores the potential for utilities to turn electric vehicles (EVs) into a grid asset.

The report has been released within the scope of EVision22, an initiative from Eurelectric's business hub, a platform convening the various e-mobility players in and beyond the power sector to accelerate transport electrification, in which POLIS is involved.

Power grids are under growing pressure to prepare for the rapidly growing volume of EVs. This report examines the looming challenges and opportunities for power and utility companies, determining their capacities for accelerating e-mobility. It explores several topics, from charging bottlenecks to reinforcing Europe's distribution grid, touching on solutions to EV charging and the role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in EV integration, among many others.

Key findings include:
  • 130 million electric vehicles could hit Europe's roads by 2035, requiring 65 million chargers 
  • Despite the pressure on the grid due to increased charging, it will be able to cope 
  • When millions of EV drivers charge simultaneously, authorities will have to implement solutions
  • DSOs will be the lynchpins of e-mobility, and grid preparations are already underway 
  • Smart charging will be essential to enable customers to interact with the network
  • Smart charging will unleash V2G and help grid operators manage an increasingly complex flow of electricity


Read the full report here