Fleet owners worldwide call for more than a 100,000 zero emission freight vehicles, and counting!

The Call for Zero Emission Freight Vehicles building upon the FREVUE Declaration of Intent, was initiated by the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, a collaboration of countries, cities/regions and companies accelerating the worldwide transformation of the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050.

The transport of goods is responsible for over 40% of transport greenhouse gas emissions. As the decarbonisation of transport is becoming a higher priority, the freight transport sector is lagging behind and there is an urgent need for zero emission freight vehicles.

Zero emission freight vehicles have the potential to reduce the freight transport’s carbon footprint and address the logistics’ local air quality issues, especially in urban areas.

However, despite the growing awareness, the chicken-egg problem remains: manufacturers claim they are willing to produce zero emission trucks on a large scale, but there is no demand. On the other hand, logistics operators say that they are interested in procuring zero emission freight vehicles, but these are not offered for a feasible price.

With this call countries, cities/regions and companies aim to show that there is a demand for freight vehicles and accelerate decarbonisation of freight transport and call upon fleet owners in particular to sign the call for action.

“The Call for Zero Emission Freight Vehicles aims to make the global demand for clean freight trucks and vans visible. As Countries, Cities and Companies unite and call out for the development of zero emission vehicles that support different areas of application at a competitive cost, we hope to accelerate the transition to zero emission transport worldwide.” Sita Holtslag, Chair of the Community of Interest Urban Freight (Transport Decarbonisation Alliance)

Until now, 39 organisations with the potential to transition more than 101,882 freight vehicles have signed the call. They represent a mix of fleet owners and supporting organisations.

You can sign the calhere.