Smart solutions for electric driving: Ile-de-France takes charge

POLIS member, Ile-de-France has launched a digital platform aiming to improve user access to services, encourage uptake and assist terminal installers.

For electric vehicles (EVs) to make a substantial contribution to the urban modal mix, effective and efficient charging is essential. Ile-de-France’s new service, Roulez Branchez (French for "Ride Connect"), is pursuing this by providing substantial support for electric charging options in the region. The platform aims to deliver EV users, potential users and charging point installers with additional information and practical assistance with their journeys and sustainable business ventures.

The service assists drivers by pinpointing charging points available in their vicinity, thus making re-charging vehicles easier. It also provides a wealth of information (including advice on purchasing, retrofitting and financing vehicles) for potential EV users, helping individuals to make the switch to electric.

Ride Connect also supports app developers, charging point operators and local communities with charging point installation.

Find out more about the service here.