Polis Papers

Polis regularly publishes discussion and position papers to steer the conversation on topics that are of relevance to cities and regions.

City Declaration: “The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets”

City Declaration: “The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets”

November 2019
The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets is a city declaration setting out the necessary principles for sound effective actions for traffic safety. It was coordinated by Polis and EUROCITIES. With this declaration on road safety, local and regional authorities reaffirm their key role in building safe systems. As Polis Secretary General Karen Vancluysen said, “Cities are sending a strong message... Read more
Polis Paper – Macro Managing Micro Mobility

Polis Paper – Macro Managing Micro Mobility

November 2019
Taking the long view on short trips. Shared micromobility is a hot topic. For many cities, it has been more of a ‘hot potato’, as the ‘invasion’ of e-scooters and e-bikes triggered a public outcry, inflamed debates in the media and put mayors, deputy mayors, and transportation officials on the spot: “Do something!”. The problem with reactive approaches is that they often miss strat... Read more
Polis Paper – Parking and Urban Development

Polis Paper – Parking and Urban Development

November 2019
Paper on Parking and Urban Development, developed by the joint Polis-EPA working group. This paper was released in November 2019.... Read more

Local Opportunities for Digital Parking

November 2018
As drivers of sustainable urban transport planning, cities will play an essential role in creating local digital parking ecosystems. The paper demonstrates that digital parking can realise much more than facilitating payments. Digital parking can provide decision-makers with insights into mobility developments, which can support transport and urban planning.... Read more

Securing the Future of Urban Mobility Research & Innovation in Europe

May 2018
This paper offers Polis’ response to the 9thframework programme for research and innovation “Towards Horizon Europe”.... Read more

Polis Position Paper on CVD and AFID Communication

May 2018
Polis views on the Clean Vehicles Directive Recast and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Action Plan... Read more

Polis discussion paper on automated vehicles

January 2018
This paper presents the views of Polis members on road vehicle automation.... Read more

Mobility as a Service: Implications for urban and regional transport

September 2017
Discussion paper offering the perspective of Polis member cities and regions on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Release: 9/2017... Read more